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EU Green Deal Food Working Group members!

These projects were granted under the Green Deal call and intend to boost the Farm-To-Fork Strategy.

SISTERS is an EU H2020 funded project that aims to design, implement and promote the uptake of five innovative strategies, one at each stage of the food value chain, to systemically reduce food loss & waste (by 27,4% in the case studies).
The EU-funded SchoolFood4Change (SF4C) project builds on this potential, seeing schools and school meals as catalysts for systemic change on a broad societal level. The project will provide innovative solutions and tailored, locally adaptable good practices for schools, school meal providers, responsible public authorities, and policymakers, in line with the EU’s Farm to Fork Strategy and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
PestNu is a H2020 project with a consortium of 20 partners from 9 EU countries. This project targets the field-testing and demonstration of digital and space-based technologies (DST) and agro-ecological and organic practices (AOP) under a systemic approach to reduce the pesticides and fertilisers use, and loss of nutrients.
ENOUGH is funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, coordinated by SINTEF Ocean (Norway) for the 4 years duration of the project. The main scope of the project is to support the EU farm to fork sustainable strategy by providing technical, financial, and political tools and solutions to reduce GHG emissions (by 2030) and achieve carbon neutrality (by 2050) in the food industry.
NeoGiANT is an innovative action coordinated by the University of Santiago de Compostela (Spain). NeoGiANT aims at developing a new set of products (animal feed, treatment products, sperm extenders) able to decrease the use of antibiotics on farmed animals and substitute synthetic preservatives. These new products, based on natural extracts, using an advanced isolation technique, will not only avoid the growth of microorganisms but also improve the health and welfare of the animals increasing profitability.
ZeroW is a €12 million EU project about systemic innovations for zero food waste, funded under the Green Deal call of the Horizon Programme 2020 (Grant Agreement no. 101036388). ZeroW will provide credible solutions for significantly reducing FLW, involving all actors in the food system in a collaborative framework, to accelerate the just transition to a social, economic and environmentally sustainable food system for all.