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As part of ClieNFarms and EJP Soil project, an event on the demonstration farm « SyCI » dedicated to soil protection and different practices for carbon storage took place in the Belgium I3S, on Friday 28 of April.

Deliverable 6.3: First batch of 20 EIP-AGRI Practice Abstract

Supporting the Farm to Fork (F2F) strategy, contributing to the achievement of its objectives, the ClieNFarms project aims to demonstrate, evaluate and improve technical, organisational and financialsolutions at the farm level that will contribute to achieving climate-neutrality of European agriculture by 2050. This will be done by a multi-actor approach, interactively integrating and improving existingsolutions… Read More »Deliverable 6.3: First batch of 20 EIP-AGRI Practice Abstract

ClieNFarms is described as a project that relies on close collaboration with agricultural communities to customise its solutions to local contexts, enabling farmers to embrace sustainable practices like precision agriculture, agroforestry, and regenerative farming.

In the context of the ClieNFarms project, climate neutral or net-zero farming involves calculating the emissions from farming and offsetting this against carbon sequestered in the soil to arrive at the net carbon emissions of the farm.

On 24 January 2023, ClieNFarms organised an informal policy workshop in Brussels. The topic of the workshop was the proposal for the Union certification framework for carbon removals, which was published by the European Commission on 30 November 2022.

In the new “Did you know that” video Josselin Andurand from Institut de
l’Elevage explained what impact ClieNFarms could have on the dairy sector

In this video, Isabel Ribeiro from Nutrifarms SA explains how ClieNFarms intendsto boost the olive sector and promote climate-neutral and climate-resilientfarming solutions.Check the video below for more information:

D2.1 Conceptual and methodological framework for creative arena (living lab)

In order to determine the different systemic innovations that will be tested to reach climate neutral farms at the local level and within the different catchment area of a given I3S, it is important to propose a clear, concise and operational guideline. The idea is to use living-lab approach and participatory tools to define the… Read More »D2.1 Conceptual and methodological framework for creative arena (living lab)

D1.3: First annual knowledge exchange duly organised

At the end of the first year of the ClieNFarms project, I3S Coordinators have already started to exchange knowledge and cross-fertilise on the different thematic areas. A program of exchanges and complementary training sessions is already available for 2023. It will be updated throughout 2023. At M12 of the ClieNFarms project within the task 1.2,… Read More »D1.3: First annual knowledge exchange duly organised