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Association de Coordination Technique Agricole


WebpageACTA les instituts techniques agricoles
Contact personMarion Sestier,

As network leader for animal and plant supply chains, ACTA federates 18 technical agricultural institutes (ITA). The ITAs represent the applied research level of the French agricultural research and development system. ACTA and the ITAs were created and are still directed by the farmers themselves. The ITA are aimed to meet the farmers’ expectations in term of research to give them directly applicable results. Their activities aim to improve competitiveness of farms and adapt production systems to the society expectations, reply to the request on processing products and quality approach from the producer to the consumer. Those institutes play major roles in scientific and technical watch, experimentation, knowledge assembly, dissemination and training, support to public policies in relation with INRAE, extension services and enterprises (cooperatives,…). ACTA represents technical agricultural institutes with professional authorities at the national and European levels. They have all together experience in around 70 European H2020 projects. Under the umbrella of the ACTA network, Idele (cattle, sheep, goats, equine), Terres Inovia (oilseed, hemp, grain legumes), Arvalis (cereals, maize, potatoes, fodder, flax) and Itb (sugarbeets) will be ACTA’s third parties in ClieNFarms.

ACTA third parties will coordinate 4 I3S in France : one on beef, one on dairy and two on arable crops, and will run activities around it in WP1, WP3, WP4 and WP6.

  • WP1: ACTA is WP leader around I3S and task leader in T1.1 (networking inside I3S), and T1.2 (cross-fertilisation and knowledge exchange among European similar I3S).
  • WP2: ACTA will contribute on methodologies and tools to assess farm progress towards climate neutrality, and on metrics for accounting (C in soils, GHG emissions…) in tasks T2.1, T2.2, T2.3 and T2.4
  • WP3: ACTA is co-WP leader and will follow-up on climate neutrality practices and their farm deployment through demonstration farms, lead farms, outreach farms within their 4 I3S in tasks T3.1, T3.2 and T3.3. ACTA is task leader in T3.2, on piloting solutions towards climate neutrality on Lead Commercial Farms using a Living Lab approach.
  • WP4: ACTA will contribute to the scaling-out on 3 I3S in T4.1, T4.2 and T4.3
  • WP5: ACTA will ensure strong connections between the project and the F2F strategy and related policies in Task T5.1
  • WP6: ACTA will contribute to training sessions within the 4 I3S, and to the dissemination of main results through different channels of dissemination and communication in TASKS T6.1, T6.2, T6.3, T6.4, T6.5 and T6.7;