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AgriCircle AG


Contact personTrupthi Narayan; Peter Froehlich

AgriCircle is an SME headquartered in Switzerland. Our team creates technology solutions that help farmers and the food industry use resources more efficiently and sustainably.

Our journey started in 2013 with the development of our farm management platform. We first focused on data capturing via remote sensing. Since 2015, we investigate the use of satellite imagery for soil mapping and precision agriculture applications. Soil carbon farming is for us the logical outcome of this journey that aligns with our mission to make farming more efficient and sustainable. Our goal is to build a sustainable and profitable business model for farmers around carbon farming. This project allows us to pilot solutions we have worked on for the past couple

of years and to build on scalable business model around it with the partners involved. With its

networks of farms and research focus on soil it further brings in a novel methodology to measure soil carbon.

AgriCircle has a track record of transforming innovative concepts into practical applications. Via our in-house cloud-based digital farm management information platform, we assist farmers and agronomists in forecasting, decision-making and workflow. Recognition for AgriCircle includes a Startfeld Diamant prize for the most innovative SME in Eastern Switzerland and nomination for the IBK Sustainability award.

Role in the project per WP

WP1: in T1.3, we will contribute to compiling the baseline of climate performance for the various I3S farms and

T1.4 contribute to creating collective knowledge resources on climate solutions at the disposal of all I3Ss.

WP2: In T2.2 and T2.3, we will facilitate the alignment of soil carbon sequestration (SCS) and LCA measuring method that shall be used for carbon credit measurements. We will interlink methods and tools used for carbon quantification in selected geographies.

WP4: in T4.1, T4.2 and T4.3 we will interlink collected data with a carbon accounting process and pilot it in selected I3S.