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Wageningen Research


Contact personJan Peter Lesschen

Wageningen Research (WR) is part of Wageningen University & Research, a collaboration between Wageningen University and the specialised research institutes (Wageningen Research).

Our mission is ‘to explore the potential of nature to improve the quality of life.’ Our knowledge supports government, the trade and industry sector and civil society in facing their challenges. We achieve synergy by combining education with fundamental and applied research in the domains of food and food production; the living environment; and health, lifestyle and livelihood. In this project the research institutes Wageningen Environmental Research, Wageningen Plant Research, Wageningen Livestock Research and Wageningen Economic Research.

WR is leading WP4 (Scaling-up impacts of I3S) and the work on EU-wide scenarios (Task 4.4). Furthermore, WR is leading several tasks in other WPs, the work on the knowledge reservoir and catalogue of systemic solutions (Task 1.4), the theoretical framework to evaluate integral sustainability of I3S solutions (Task 2.2) and Task 3.3 on the impact evaluation of I3S and be responsible for the I3S on the Dutch dairy case (Demo farm De Marke and lead farmers from the Cows and Opportunities project).