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Nutrifarms, S.A.


Contact personIsabel Ribeiro

Nutrifarms is a Portuguese company that develops, manages, and explores olive groves and other permanent crops. Currently it manages 44 farms with more than 7.000 hectares of olive groves and one modern olive oil mill to process it olives into olive oil. All its farms are managed under a sustainable agriculture scheme and its mill is certified under ISO22000 and ISO14001. Nutrifarms aims at producing high quality olive oil through sustainable agriculture. To do so, uses resources with high precision techniques that allow a great care for the environment.

Under the WP3 leader Nutrifarms will lead one of the I3S. It will contribute to establish a well-functioning European network of multi-actors I3S, to exchange knowledge, quantify the performance baseline of the I3Ss. Nutrifarms will also contribute to the evaluation of the impacts of the solutions implemented in its farms (DF) and in the LCF regarding carbon storage and carbon emissions, while assisting in the communication and dissemination of the I3S. Lastly, Nutrifarms will assist in the development and validation of systemic scaling approaches.