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Nestlé France SAS


Contact personOlivier Marchand

Since 2018, Nestlé France has been working with suppliers, farmers, institutions, research organisations and NGO to pilot test regenerative agriculture practices (no till, cover crops, crop rotations) to improve soil health, increase soil organic matter and ultimately sequester carbon. The supply chain department will be involved in the project.

WP1: in T1.2, we will support the baseline of climate performance. In T1.3, contribute to knowledge exchange, mainly where our own supply chain is concerned. In T1.4, we further will contribute to complementing the knowledge reservoir and the systemic solutions developed at sourcing district scale.

WP3: in T3.1, we will support our local partner organisation in piloting solutions towards climate neutrality on Lead Commercial Farms and in T3.3, the evaluation of the impact. Finally, in T3.3, we will participate in peer-to-peer learning activities from Lead Commercial Farms to Replication/Outreach farms.

WP4: in T4.1, develop and validate systemic scaling approaches. In T4.1, we also will be working on the business models for our local sourcing district transformation. Further, in T4.1, we will evaluate the carbon reduction and removal platform.