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Axencia Galega da Calidade Alimentaria


Contact personCésar Resch Zafra

AGACAL is short for Galician Food Quality Agency; This public body, depending on Galician government has between its commitments Agricultural Education, Agricultural Research and Galician DO. Headquarters of Research Centre are established in Mabegodo with more than 125 years of Agricultural Research behind.

Mabegondo Agricultural Research Centre (CIAM) is a 300 hectares farm with cattle and sheep for research, the centre has another three experimental farms in Galicia with different agroclimatic conditions. At Mabegondo is where research related with dairy is performed; The scope of last ten years dairy trials is embedded on what we call a whole packet of R&D in dairy and this packet could be summarized as how to produce more with less, back to legumes, protein self-sufficiency, milk fatty acids profile improvement and authentication procedure of dairy cows feed intake. Most of our trials are run in close cooperation with dairy industry and suppliers companies; cooperation of dairy farmers is always key in our projects; We are able to share achieves in short time with users due to a very close collaborative effort with LIGAL (Galician Interprofessional Laboratory of Milk). In the project the department Animal Husbandry will be involved.

WP3: in T3.1, T3.2, T3.3 and T3.4, implement demonstration dairy farm at CIAM where measures in terms of enteric and crops GHG emissions will be taken, ten lighthouse farm were direct measurement will be taken to achieve between 25 to 35% reduction of GHG and at 100 replication dairy farms in Spain indirect GHG measures will lead this farm to reduce their GHG impact in at least 20% within four years of project span; WP4, in T4.2, implementing blue prints and road maps for European dairy farms based in WP3 experience.

WP6 in T6.2, T6.3, T6.4 and T6.5.