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Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust, Allerton Project


WebpageThe Allerton Project | Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust (
Contact personJoe Stanley, Head of Training & Partnerships

The GWCT is a UK charity specialising in research and education into the management and conservation of wildlife. The Allerton Project is the GWCT’s sister charity (Number 1010814) specialising in the reconciliation of productive agriculture with protecting the environment. On our 300 ha research and demonstration farm we develop pioneering techniques which help to achieve these objectives including a comprehensive soils research programme including measuring GHG emissions.

In WP3 T3.X we will record the baseline data at the Lead Demonstration Farm and instigate a monitoring programme for existing and novel practices to generate data. We will then help establish the network of 20 Lead Commercial partners spread across the geographical range of the project, identifying the key innovators. As WP Manager we will be the repository of knowledge gleaned from across the UK and the conduit of this knowledge to the Lead Commercial and Outreach farmers. We will act as lead and “Enabling Partner” in the facilitation of demonstration events, workshops, open days, on-line training and webinars, third party events and participation in the monitoring of research trials at the Lead Demonstration and Lead Commercial sites, as well as engaging our team of scientists to assist in the interpretation of data.