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Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Formation de l’Enseignement Agricole


Contact personNicolas Hervé

At the heart of Agricultural Education and Toulouse University Campus, on the outskirts of Toulouse, France’s second largest university town, the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Formation de l’Enseignement Agricole (ENSFEA) is situated on a privileged site. Founded in 1963, ENSFEA is one of 15 State institutes of higher agricultural education in France. At the very core of the agro‐veterinary « Toulouse Agri Campus », ENSFEA combines, in an original way, skills in the domain of agro‐biosciences, and in social sciences and humanities. ENSFEA’s prime mission is to provide initial and on‐going professional training for teachers in State vocational agricultural schools as well as to support innovative projects in science and agricultural education. ENSFEA is also engaged in research and support for technology transfer and in a variety of international cooperation activities. ENFA is intimately concerned with all the important issues in society: sustainable development, health and food security, the evolution of professional skills and knowledge, the impact of information and communication technologies.

In WP6, ENSFEA will be part of the Task 6.5: Driving change and scaling up through training and education.

ENSFEA will mobilize a network of teachers and French high schools to participate to the dissemination of the project’s results. This work focuses on the design, testing and integration of microlearning content in the context of French agricultural high schools and advisory organisations, using the training platform in agriculture technical courses and farmer training actions.