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CONSULAI – Consultoria Agro- Industrial, Lda.


Contact personDina Lopes

CONSULAI is the leading advisory company in the agri-food sector in Portugal. The company develops Projects in several areas, including innovation, rural development, policy analysis, and prospective studies. The daily contact with farmers, farmers associations and national institutions is strengthened by a database of more than 5,000 contacts (1,500 farmers) in Portugal, that can be useful for the implementation of demonstration hubs and for the dissemination of the project.

CONSULAI will be responsible for the Communication, Dissemination, Training and Exploitation work package (WP6). It will also be responsible, together with a national industry partner, for implementing an I3S in Portugal.

WP3: in T3.4, I3S Peer to peer learning and Dissemination, linking the I3S peer to peer learning to the dissemination activities organized in task 6.4.

WP4: in T4.1, Business models for sourcing district transformation, helping to define the business model associated with the Portuguese i3S.

WP5: in T5.1, T5.2 and T5.3, linking the outputs of these tasks to WP6 dissemination, networking and training.

WP6: WP leader, in T6.1, writing all the C&D plan, revising and monitoring it. In T6.2, communication, defining the project visual identity and the website structure and contents, along with the task leader. In T6.3, Social Media, defining the social media strategy, all the KPIS, contents coordination and community management. In T6.4, coordinating contents to be published in different media; organizing a seminar and a final conference and will have an active role in T6.2. In T6.5, Driving change and scaling up through training and education, helping the task leader to organize the training sessions and the social media activities related. In T6.6, – Activating the community of value chain actors, helping the task leader to define contents and organize publishing in different media, as well as social media activities related with this task.