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French National Institute for Agriculture, Food and Environment


Contact personJacques-Eric Bergez

INRAE produces and disseminates knowledge to help solve major societal challenges and to put this knowledge to work to foster innovation, provide expertise, and lend support to public policies. INRAE and its partners tackle challenges that extend beyond national and industrial boundaries. We adopt transversal perspectives in our three key areas of study—agriculture, food, and the environment. We develop a systematic and interdisciplinary approach to develop sustainable solutions. With the overarching goal of promoting sustainable development, our work is centred on six major themes: Climate change and risks, Agroecology, Biodiversity, Food, global health, Bioeconomy and Society and regional strategies.

INRAE is the project coordinator. He will manage the project, provide reports and manage the links with the commission. INRAE will also performed the data management plan. INRAE is WP2 leader and in strongly involved in this M&M workpackage: T2.1 expertise and knowledge on the living lab and creative arena,T2.2 expertise and knowledge on the multicriteria assessment approach, T2.3 assess biochemical and biogeophysical effects, T2.4 expertise, knowledge and tool on the Life Cycle Assessment approach. In WP3 INRAE proposes an I3S with EDF on Vineyards. In WP4, INRAE proposes some tools to help on upscaling using remote sensing approaches. In WP5, we are T5.3 leader, by managing an international policy-makers group to share and debate on the possible policies to improve climate-neutral practices within the farms and the supply chains. In WP6 we are involved in the dissemination of main results through different channels of dissemination and communication. We are also responsible for the WP8 on Ethics.