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“Making the Agri-food Sector Circular” webinar recording

now available on ClieNFarms YouTube channel

If you missed last week’s ‘Making the Agri Food Sector Circular’ webinar, don’t worry, you can still watch it on the #frontsh1ip YT page đŸ‘ˆ

In this 90-minute webinar, six Horizon 2020 funded Green Deal projects presented their approaches and solutions to two of the biggest problems facing the agri-food sector: greenhouse gas emissions and food losses and waste: ClieNFarms, ENOUGH, SISTERS, ZeroW, Agro2Circular, and FRONTSH1P.

Laurène Lebelt ( Climate-KIC and ClieNFarms EU synergies manager) presentation on #ClieNFarms starts @4:52, where she presented ClieNFarms, its main objectives, and approaches to a circular agri-food sector.