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D1.2: Multi-actor trainings sessions duly organized

At M12 of the ClieNFarms project within the task 1.1, WP1 and I3S coordinators have:

  • Initiated three dedicated training sessions for multi-actor approach
  • Created a dedicated space where key documents and guidelines could be found for I3S coordinators: how to identify key stakeholders and their role in the knowledge and information system in agriculture, how to organize a creative arena, how to organize virtual/physical farm open gateā€¦
  • Initiated a network of I3S creative arenas with cross fertilization, discussions, analysis and feedback after each event during 4 knowledge exchange sessions each year
    A program of exchanges and complementary training sessions is already available for 2023. It will be updated after each knowledge exchange session considering needs of I3S coordinators and feedback from other stakeholders involved in the creative arenas. The first creative arena session is foreseen in January 2023 in Ireland. Feedback will be shared with all I3Ss.