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The #ClieNFarms project has a series of specific objectives that will contribute towards achieving #ClimateNeutrality of European agriculture by 2050. Read below our objectives 🎯:

🔗 Organizational objectives: To achieve climate-neutral farms, different organizations are required to help farmers to reach this goal. These organizations should help by sharing ideas and knowledge but also by replicating innovative solutions.

🍃 Technical objectives: Different technical objectives are required to fully accept the systemic solution that will allow climate-neutral farms. Tools (models) already exist, but there is a need for clarity and truthfulness in the protocols and measures.

📢 Communication and Dissemination objectives: To demonstrate climate-neutral systemic solutions as well as to communicate and disseminate, at a multi-level, the outcomes of the project, to reach a high level of innovation uptake, developing awareness and activating the multi-actor community of agriculture chain actors and other stakeholders. A special focus on capacity building for young farmers is included.

🏛 Policy objectives: To contribute to implementing the #FarmToFork (F2F) strategy of the EU Green Deal by developing synergies with other selected projects from this call and with related initiatives in Europe or beyond to ensure the latest policy developments are known and used by the project partners.

💱 Business objective: To develop, through a global approach engaging the agricultural actors as well as banks, insurances, supply chain stakeholders, etc., viable business models that will enable the shift to climate-neutral agriculture.

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